Maintenance Program

For our loyal customers, I would like to take this time to personally say "Thank You" for the past business you've given us. It has been a privilege for us to work with you and I just wanted to let you know how much Kyne Plumbing and HVAC appreciate your business. For any new customers, I would like to welcome you to our website & tell you all about our maintenance program.

Kyne Plumbing and HVAC has program with some fantastic money saving benefits for you. They include an automatic 10% discount on all service repairs. Also, you will never pay overtime for any type of service call, and you always get moved to the front of the service list anytime that you need service. In other words, you will be designated as a "Priority Customer" of ours, not that you aren't an important customer of ours now. Let me explain a little further.

The program is based on performing regular maintenance approximately every six months on your air conditioning and heating equipment. Having maintenance performed on a regular basis helps to cut down on costly repairs. We normally find the small problems before they become large ones. Regular maintenance helps reduce your utility bills because the equipment is operating at maximum efficiency. This regular maintenance also helps the equipment last longer as it doesn't have to work so hard to keep you comfortable and isn't operating under such extreme conditions constantly.

Most all of us have the oil changed in our cars regularly and maybe even have the tires rotated when we can think about it. And while the automotive mechanic is under the hood, we at least hope he looks at our fan belts, air filter, washer fluid, and the amount of anti-freeze in our radiator. The reason most of us have this done is because we sure don't want our vehicle to break down and leave us stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night. So we know that if we have regular maintenance performed our vehicle will most likely last longer. And no one wants to purchase a new car every couple of years.

Well, your air conditioning and heating equipment are no different than your automobile. They also need regular maintenance and most of us (myself included) even forget to change the filter much less spend the time to clean the system properly.

Believe it or not, if you counted the actual operating hours of your air conditioning and heating system compared it to driving your automobile daily at 60 miles per hour, it would be like driving your car 219,000 miles every year. I don't know of too many automobiles that would last more than a year or two at that rate! Remember that your air conditioning and heating system operates 24 hours a day-365 days a year without a rest. And we thought we worked long hours!)

Since 1991, Kyne Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has provided high quality installation, maintenance and repair to Newtown Square and the surrounding area. We are locally owned and operated, offering you fast, reliable and affordable plumbing work.


  • 10% Discount on all service repairs
        (all service parts and labor).
  • Never pay an overtime fee
        (no matter what time of day or night it is).
  • Priority customer status
        (moved ahead of Non-Maintenance customers).
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
        (all repairs will carry a 3 Yr. warranty as long as the customer maintains a paid-up maintenance agreement - excludes compressors and heat exchangers).
  • Safer system
        (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate).
  • Lower operating costs
        (well maintained equipment uses less energy).
  • Increased capacity of existing system
         (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate).
  • Longer equipment life
         (well maintained equipment lasts longer).
  • Improved comfort
        (a clean indoor coil on an air conditioning system tends to remove more moisture).
  • Fewer repairs
        (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate).

Maintenance Program

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